Esoteric Brewing Co.

Walnut Hills
918 E McMillan St Cincinnati, OH 45206
(513) 214-1987

Brew lounge featuring traditional style beers made in house.

  • Kallima Coffee Cream Ale

    Kallima Coffee Cream Ale

    Awaken your senses with the Kallima coffee cream ale. This beautifully light cream ale is steeped in a blend of La Terza coffee for 24 hrs to provide a refreshing twist.
  • Ethereal Belgian Blonde

    Ethereal Belgian Blonde

    Floral honey sweetness & bubble gum with a touch of black pepper followed by a delicately crisp finish.
  • Celestial Juicy Pale Ale

    Celestial Juicy Pale Ale

    Fresh mango, pineapple and passion fruit will greet you with a twist of candied lemon. Expect a burst of happy orange to finish.
  • Karma Double IPA

    Karma Double IPA

    A double dry hopped burst of tropical stone fruit apricots, & peach, pineapple & blood orange.