Kampuchea Kitchen


Fort Thomas
1045 South Fort Thomas Ave Fort Thomas, KY 41075
(859) 814-8012
  • Kor Ko

    Kor Ko

    Braised brisket in an aromatic broth, with stewed carrots, daikon, tomatoes, & potatoes. Finished with bean sprouts, cilantro, & fried garlic. Choice of wheat-rice noodles, rice noodles, or steamed rice & bread.
  • Samla Curry

    Samla Curry

    A fragrant lemongrass coconut curry with carrots, potatoes, lotus root, and tofu. Finished with peanuts, bean sprouts, cucumbers, fresh herbs, & lime. Served with your choice of white rice, sticky-sweet rice, wheat-rice noodles, or bread.
  • Saraman Curry

    Saraman Curry

    A rich & complex braised beef curry served with your choice of white rice, sticky-sweet, wheat-rice noodles, or bread. Best enjoyed with steamed rice and hot fresh bread. *contains peanuts*
  • Bok Lahong

    Bok Lahong

    ”Smashed papaya” salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, bird seed chilies, palm sugar, garlic, & fish sauce. Try it with sticky rice
  • Khmer Sampler

    Khmer Sampler

    Two turmeric rice crepes, two lemongrass chicken satay, two lemongrass beef satay, char siu pork, crispy pork belly, pickled papaya, funky sweet sour fish sauce, crisp vegetables, leaf lettuce, steam rice noodles, medley of herbs, chilies, lime wedges.
  • Curry Puff

    Curry Puff

    Flaky pastry with chicken, peas, carrots, potatoes.