The BonBonerie

Evanston Asian Fusion

Teapot-adorned bakery with high tea, sweets from cupcakes to cookies & a light cafe menu.

(513) 321-3399

2030 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, OH, 45208

Recommended Dishes

Opera Cream Cake

For over thirty years, this has been BonBonerie's signature cake. This double chocolate chip cake is filled and iced with rich vanilla opera cream filling. The layers are enrobed with a rich chocolate glaze and decorated with Belgian chocolate shavings. Lastly, it is garnished with white chocolate buttercream rosettes and hand-cut white chocolate diamonds.

Carrot Cake

Pure and simple, the cake itself is made with fresh carrots. There are no raisins, or pineapple to confuse your palate. It is fill and frosted with cream cheese frosting, and the sides are coated with fresh walnuts.

Raspberry Chantilly Torte Cake

The chantilly cream is fresh whipped cream married to white chocolate, which adds a deep layer of vanilla when it is folded into raspberry puree. Each layer of the delicate chiffon cake is filled with chantilly cream, and white chocolate buttercream surrounds the torte.

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

BonBonerie's classic, creamy vanilla cheesecake is just bursting with the right amount of chocolate chips. This creamy concoction sits upon a delicate chocolate crust and is finished with a rich chocolate ganache.