Asian Food Fest 2022 - Vendors and Menus

Asianati Staff

May 06, 2022

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The Complete List

Angie Tee’s Kitchen - Malaysian Chinese
Malaysian Chicken Rendang with Fragrant Turmeric Rice & Cucumber (H)
Spicy Sichuan Noodles Bowl with shredded cucumber, scallions & roasted peanuts (Vg)
Asian Mango Pudding (D)
Ginger Peach Fresh Mint Tea (D)

Blesame International Catering/Global Cuisine - Filipino
Spring Rolls
BBQ Pork and Chicken
Buko Pandan (D)

Boba Cha
Black Milk Tea
Berry Tea

Bridges Nepali - Nepalese
Samosa (Vg)
Rice bowl w/ meat and vegan topping
Lassi (Dr)

China Gourmet - Chinese
Cold Sesame Noodles (Vt)
Edemame (Vg)
Barbecue Shrimp
Five Spice Cornish Hen

Chino’s Street Food - Vietnamese Chinese fusion
Crab Rangoon
Rice and Marinated Chicken
Vietnamese Taco
Fresh Juice (Dr)

Christine’s Casual Dining - Filipino
Halo- Halo (D)
Pork and Beef Eggroll
Fried Bananas
Mango Shake (Dr)

Cinsoy Foods
Craft Soy Sauce

Dai Trang Bistro
Chicken Adobo Sliders
Korean Dogs
Brown sugar, Thai tea Milk-sicles (D)
Dalgona matcha strawberry latte (Dr)

Deme Kitchen Chinese Vietnamese fusion
Summer Rolls
Sesame Balls (Vt)
Kimchi Rice cake (Vg)
JaJa Noodle

Dine-In Hawaiian - Hawaiian
Kalua Pork Nachos
Deep Fried Spam Musubi
Fried Ice Cream (D)
Korean Fried Chicken Sliders

Kona Ice
Souvenir Cup

Kung Fu Tea
Original Milk Tea
Taro Milk Tea
Passionfruit Green Tea
Wintermelon Green Tea

LALO Chino Latino - Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, Chinese fusion
Vietnamese Empandas
Korean Pulled Pork Slider
Thai Wings
Chino Taco (Scallion pancake with beef)

Mahope - Cambodian
Cambodian Chicken Taco
Cambodian Street Dog
Cambodian Coney
Pickled papaya and carrots

Milk Jar Café
Dirty Milk Boba
Thai Milk Tea
Jasmine Green Milk Tea

Neko Sushi - Korean
Sunday Morning
Kimchi soup
Beef Tangsuyuk

OH! Boba
Mango Fruit Tea
Raspberry Fruit Tea
Tiger Black Milk Tea
Bubble Waffle

Ono Turo Turo - Filipino
Combo bowl
Shave Ice (D)
Halo Halo (D)
Teriyaki chicken

Lang Thang Group (Pho Lang Thang, Quan Hapa, Hi Mark) - Vietnamese, Japanese fusion
Okonomiyaki Fries w/ bacon, tonkatsu and Japaense mayo
Steamed Bun with pork, quail egg and Chinese sausage

Red Sesame - Korean Fusion
K-taco (Vt)
Mini Quesadilla (Vt)
Combo Set (Vt)

S.E.A. Cuisine Foodtruck - Southeast Asian Fusion
Egg Rolls
Asian Tacos shrimp, beef, chicken, fish w/egg roll
Black Pepper Shrimp
Cha Cha Fries

Sawasdee Thai Cuisine - Thai
Tod Mun
Glass Jelly Milk Caramel (D)
Thai Iced Tea Two-Tone (Dr)
Basil Pork with Boiled Egg

Shanghai On Elm - Cantonese Chinese
Fried Rice
Pan Fried Potstickers
Chow Mein
Sweet & Spicy Thai Chicken

Stone Bowl Korean - Korean
Soy Milk (Dr)
BBQ Rib (pork)
CupBop Chicken (H)
CupBop Tofu (Vg)

Thai basil lime streetpop
Lychee coconut streetpop
Avocado streetpop
Taro/ube streetpop

Tea ‘n’ Bowl - Malaysian Chinese
MooPing (Thai Grilled Pork Skewer)
SzeChuan Chicken Skewer
Curry Laksa Noodle
Malaysian Prawn Noodle
Flower Tea / Malaysian Kopi / Rose Limenade

Thai Express - Thai
Pad Thai tofu/chicken (Vt)
Khoa soy tofu/chicken (Vt)
Holy Basil chicken
Thai Iced tea/ coffee (Dr)

Wendigo Tea Company
Nessy Jasmine Tea
Bigfoot Black Tea
King Dragon Oolong Tea
Black Shuck Earl Grey

Secret Menu

The secret menu stems from a common practice of an additional “hidden” menu at Asian restaurants that contain more of the authentic, home cooked dishes. These dishes give many a feeling of comfort and home. We’re bringing that tradition to Asian Food Fest! Order at these booths to try authentic & unique dishes…. be sure to get them while they last!

__ Greater Cincinnati Chinese Cultural Exchange Association
Liang fen
Yang rou chuan
Wontons in Garlic Soy Sauce

__ Mangan
Tapa rice
Sisig rice
Coco Cooler

__ Filipino-American Association of Southern Ohio
Chicken Inasal, rice and atchara
Haleem (H)
Chicken Biryani (H)
Mango Lassi

Saturday and Sunday
Fish and Kikiam Balls with variety sauce

__ Chhnganh
Bay Cha
Roasted Corn with Coconut Glazepot Ang
Grilled Chicken Skewers

Dr = Drink
D = Dessert
Vt = Vegetarian
Vg = Vegan
H = Halal