Hanami Picnic

Sydney Herkner

Mar 17, 2023

Event: Hanami Picnic (Japanese Cherry Blossom Picnic)
Date: April 1, 2023
Time: 12:30-2:30pm
Where: Ault Park at the Cherry Tree Grove (by the Torii Japanese Arch, across from the Brumm Arbor Garden)
Free and Open to the Public
Bento boxes available for pre-order > HERE <

Every year Spring brings Cherry Blossoms to bloom and the people of Japan go out to parks and participate in the annual Hanami Festival (おはなみ/o-hanami; the o is added for formalities).

What is Hanami?

The Hanami Festival brings family and friends together to admire sacred blooming Cherry Blossoms (Sakura/ さくら). It's common to bring a blanket to enjoy when admiring with friends. Hanami is enjoyed by millions of people inside and outside of Japan and a few other countries have their own version of this tradition such as the Philippines, Korea, and China.

Hanami Picnic Etiquette

The Cherry Trees are considered sacred living things and are treated with utmost respect. Avoid walking on the roots, picking the buds and blossoms, and hanging from or otherwise roughly handling the trees.

When sitting down on a blanket, it's traditional to remove your shoes and set them off to the side. While sake is commonly consumed during Hamani Festivals in Japan, alcohol isn't permitted in the Cherry Tree Groves at Ault Park.

2022-04-02 Asianati Hanami _DS_7872 1.jpg Photo: JP Leong

Asianati's Annual Hanami Picnic

Asianati is partnering with the Japan America Society of Greater Cincinnati and the Cincinnati Parks to host our own Hanami Picnic in Ault Park on Saturday, April 1st from 12:30 until 2:30 PM. This event is open to the public and all are welcome!

There will be a Taiko drum performance courtesy of Cincinnati-Dayton Taiko Group. We also have karaoke and raffles planned so bring your a-game, sing your heart out, and be ready to win some prizes!

DSC_0100.jpg Last year's spread. Photo: Sam Burke

Curious about food?

Asianati is working with a few restaurants to bring special bento boxes for this event. Select items from Cafe Mochiko will be available on-site for purchase. Special bento boxes from Chako Bakery Cafe and Mei Japanese Restaurant are available for pre-order.

Bento Boxes can be pre-ordered before the event > HERE <

We can’t wait to see you!