Menu Deals for Days

Chloe Kilguss

Dec 05, 2022

If you’ve been following Asianati for a while, you know that a great thing about Asian Cuisine is that there’s literally something for everyone. That applies to price points, too! This is the first in a series of articles that showcases Asian restaurants that are big on value! We’re starting with the area around the University of Cincinnati, where there’s lots of tasty choices.

Hi, I’m Chloe and I’m going to take you to some of my favorite spots around UC. Whether you’re a new college student, a young professional, or just love a great deal, this article is for you.


Krishna Indian Carry Out

This literal hole-in-the-wall makes picking up food on the way home from class a breeze. Even if you don’t pass this place on your daily commute, they’ve got you covered by offering free delivery within a 3.2-mile radius (with a $30 minimum). It’s perfect for when your group of friends gets together on the weekends, for a study night, and even as leftovers for the rest of the week. My perfect meal is an order of flaky hot naan to dip in some creamy, spicy chicken tikka masala. This comes under $20, comes with a free order of rice, and is enough to make me two meals. Overall, Krishna Indian Carry Out is my go-to place for close, budget-friendly Indian food. [Editor's note: Krishna is also Mayor Aftab's favorite restaurant]

2022-09-05 Asianati Cheap EatsDSCF0273.jpg

Elephant Walk Indian Bar and Grill

This unique Indian and Ethiopian restaurant has a big space for dining-in and has great carryout options. They have deals every day and are split between midday and after-dark deals. After-dark deals include happy hour drink prices and a Live DJ on the weekends, while the midday deals include brunch and mimosas and a 10% discount on Wednesdays for students. One thing I love about Elephant Walk is that they have a unique take on my favorite food: – pizza- and blend it with Indian spices and ingredients; the result is an amazing flatbread naan pizza. It’s as delicious as it sounds: with a naan crust, a sauce of tomatoes and masala, and is topped with cheese and cilantro. I like to take pieces of the pizza and dip them into a curry, whether chicken tikka masala or chicken makhani. This meal is around $20, comes with free rice, and lasts me at least two days. Tip: When ordering from UberEats, there are buy 1-get-1 deals for dal soup, naan burrito, aloo choley, flatbread naan pizza, and naan to make the order last longer or to share among friends.

2022-09-05 Asianati Cheap EatsDSCF0357.jpg

King Wok

This Asian fusion small business has it all. Their menu is very inclusive and features a variety of appetizers and entrees, including classics such as orange chicken and egg foo young. Whether you’re eating alone or with a large group of friends, everyone will be able to find something they love here. My perfect meal from here is an egg roll or their spring rolls paired with chicken pad thai at their highest spice level and this comes out to under $15. While dining-in and carryout are both options, I like to use BeyondMenu to order food for delivery since it only has an $8 minimum with a $3 delivery fee and is competitive with other delivery food apps. King Wok’s prices are already very budget-friendly and their lunch specials go beyond that, costing between $7.45 - $9.95 and include an entrée and a side dish. This is great for taking a break from studying, grabbing lunch in between classes, or even saving for dinner later.

2022-09-05 Asianati Cheap EatsDSCF0333.jpg

Maki Ramen House

This is one of my favorite places for homemade and delicious Asian food. This cozy ramen house is always full , so it’s a good thing great carryout options are available. Maki has classic and delicious ramen, udon, and rice dishes, along with a variety of appetizers. My favorite thing to get is an order of deep-fried gyoza and shio ramen. These dishes will satisfy you and fill you up, all for only about $14. Once you’ve had their classic ramen, go back to try a chicken katsu don dish or a chicken tempura udon dish, each for about $12.

2022-09-05 Asianati Cheap EatsDSCF0312.jpg

Drunken Bento

This sushi haven is a staple in Clifton. A great location that is easy to access from campus and many neighborhoods, it’s an easy walk for carryout or dining-in and with their hours being open so late, it’s an obvious choice for a group night out. What I love about Drunken Bento is the freshness of their rolls, the variety, and their great every-day prices. My go-to order is a Bengal Roll paired with an Eel Cucumber roll and this duo comes out to barely over $10. While the sushi here is outstanding, don’t forget to check out Drunken Bento’s great selection of appetizers and entrees.

2022-09-05 Asianati Cheap EatsDSCF0236.jpg

Panda Express

This one is for UC students. Panda Express’ orange chicken is a favorite of a lot of people, and I am no exception. I like to get white rice as the base with their orange chicken and honey walnut shrimp as the two entrees. My favorite thing about this location is that it's right in Tangeman University Center for a quick and tasty lunch in-between classes. TUC has plenty of seating inside and is located right next to Nippert Stadium if you want to eat outside and enjoy the fresh air.

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