What We're Loving This Month - July 2022

Asianati Staff

Jul 28, 2022


🔸 We introduced a new reoccurring segment in our Asianati Monthly Newsletter this July called "What We're Loving This Month" where our Asianati Team shares their favorite things, from restaurants/dishes, recipes, music, movies, tv shows, podcasts, books, local events, and more. We will also publish this segment on our website later in the month, each month! Check out our team's list of July 2022 monthly favorites!🔸

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Everything Everywhere All At Once! This movie follows a Chinese American mother who gets caught up in an interdimensional conflict and gains new powers to fight dangers in the multiverse. It's a story navigating immigrating, generational trauma, and personal struggles."
-- Carenna (Social Media/Digital Marketing Intern)

DSC_0812 (1).jpg

Vogue just published an online piece titled Beyond Pho and Banh Mi: 29 Must-Eat Vietnamese Dishes. It's exciting to see these other Vietnamese dishes get highlighted in such a big publication. If you were curious about what other dishes we eat at our get-togethers, check this out. You also might find some of these dishes at a few Vietnamese eateries around town, so give the menu a deeper look!"
-- Viet (Designer)


NIKI, an Indonesian-American music artist, released a new song called "Oceans & Engines." The song is sad but freeing, a goodbye song to someone she once loved. She sings about being grateful for a past love but understands it's time to say goodbye. It's beautifully written and it's also really cool to see AAPI artists grow and represent our culture. I definitely recommend the rest of her discography as she has many songs speaking about her experiences as Asian American."
-- Dom (Social Media/Digital Marketing Intern)


If you're a Bridgerton fan or love period piece films, particularly with Asian casts, July is an awesome month for you! The female-led movie, Mr. Malcolm's List, based on the popular novel and starring Indian actress Frieda Pinto & Korean-American actress Ashley Park, is now out in local theatres. I'm also so excited for Persuasion, a Netflix film (based on Jane Austen's last novel) which just dropped July 15th and features Malaysian-British actor, Henry Golding!"
-- Sam (Social Media Manager)

ryo fukui 2.jpg

If you're into jazz at all, acclaimed and criminally underrated Japanese composer Ryo Fukui recently had his 1977 classic Mellow Dream repressed on vinyl! If you're a fan of calm, soulful, and contemplative music that lowkey sounds like it could be the background score for a Studio Ghibli movie at times, you would love this. Fukui manages to transition from mellow to vibrant and joyful with such ease. I highly recommend you check the album and his work out!"
-- Wajeeh (Social Media/Digital Marketing Intern)

incredible eats.jpg

I was watching Shark Tank and saw an idea that I thought hit a nice spot. It's called Incredible Eats, utensils made of edible flavored vegan material. The owner seemed to genuinely care about the planet and used his engineering skills to come up with a viable product. Yeah, it's ten times more expensive than plastic now but imagine what it could become if even 1% of the world started using it. That's an impact and that's something to live for."
-- Koji (Co-Founder)

spicygarlic noodle.jpg

I've been having a really busy last couple of weeks, but I find myself daydreaming about these Spicy Garlic Noodles from TiffyCooks on TikTok. I feel like I could smell it through the screen and I love hearing the hot water sizzle with all of the flavors. I have not tried making it yet, but it's definitely on my to-do list. In addition, I love going to Zumba at Summit Park on Sundays at 10:15am. It's such a great way to get moving, meet new people, and just have fun! They have other free activities too!"
-- Sarah (Operations Coordinator)


Ms Marvel is hands-down the best MCU Disney+ show I've seen, to date. The vision, style, and direction is leaps and bounds better than even my other favorite MCU TV series -and that's before I mention how amazing the cast is. Ms Marvel is really an immigrant family story that happens to feature some superhero hijinks. That immigrant story never talks down to you: it invites you into its home to have a cup of tea and, maybe, stay for dinner and have a good time."
-- JP (Editor)


July is the best time of the Summer, with tons of options if you like Arts, music, outdoors, sports, and meetups. I love the outdoor movie nights at the Sawyer Point once every 2 weeks Nightlight513. I love the Arts in the Dark every month with Jazz, live music, food, and tours. I love stopping by Joy and Matt’s Bookstore and getting a book. Despite the fact that sometimes the heat could be crazy, I enjoy exercising by running with Cincinnati Run Club (on FB) and Badminton with Cincinnati Badminton Club (on FB). Who wants to waste the summer?
-- Sandy (Outreach Coordinator)


I recently followed a new Korean-American Youtuber account called Doobydobap with over 2.3 milion subscribers. She is a food-content creator who lives everyday doing what she loves: cooking, creating new recipes, eating, and traveling. The story of how she started her Youtube channel is so inspirational. She graduated from an Ivy League school majoring in Food Sciences. However, it was a struggle for her to find a job after college due to her ‘lack of experience’. She then decided that she will ‘gain experience’ by doing food experiments, developing her own recipes, while filming and uploading the process on Youtube. Fast forward to a few years later, all the employers who turned down her resume must be regretting it because she is a nominated “Creators on the Rise”! You can also check her out on Tiktok, Instagram, Twitch, and Discord
-- Chloe (Outreach Coordinator)

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