What We're Loving This Month - November 2022

Asianati Staff

Nov 30, 2022


🔸 We are back with our "What We're Loving This Month" where our Asianati Team shares their favorite things, from restaurants/dishes, recipes, music, movies, tv shows, podcasts, books, local events, and more. Check out our team's list of November 2022 monthly favorites!🔸

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I LOVE Xiao Long Baos, and my wife recently found an awesome online store that sells amazing frozen Xiao Long Baos! They're called xcj, and they recreate the fresh-out-of-the-steamer dim sum experience at your own home. They pay extra attention to the ingredients, flavors, and how they freeze the dumplings, and it totally shows when you eat it! Probably one of the best Xiao Long Bao's I've had, similar to what I had in Hong Kong. They also sell dan dan noodles and sauces which are also great, but I highly recommend their Xiao Long Baos! Did I say I love Xiao Long Baos?? " -- Koji (Co-Founder)


Fall is my favorite time of the year! This may be up for debate, but I am ready for the cold :) It's that time to light up the candles, make some warm tea, and snuggle up with my cat! Although I can do that any time, there is something more special about it in the fall. I find that around this time things start to slow down a little bit and I can find more time to reflect, relax, and just enjoy the moments. My favorite tea is Chai, but I am also pretty weak for a fruity hibiscus (Smith). I love the health benefits and properties that teas give my body and how them sooth me from the inside out. It also gives me this sense of connection with my culture! Any suggestions on other teas I should try? -- Sarah (Operations Coordinator)


Lots of incredible talent are creating powerful works around Cincinnati. Some of my recent favorites are Michael Coppage, Emily Momohara, and Jenny Ustick.
-- JP (Editor)


Trying to finish up my "Cooking from 30 countries in 2022" challenge led me to learn how to cook one of my favorite Thai dishes - Khao Soi! Tried it in the past with semi success but have found a really good recipe from my favorite online cooks, Marion's Kitchen. Anyone looking to expand their culinary repertoire, would definitely suggest taking up this challenge next year. -- Lam (PR)


November is National Adoption Month! I am excited to connect with more adoptees in the Cincinnati area and to share my story as an adoptee in Asianati. -- Mei-Lin (PR Intern)


Constance Wu (Fresh Off The Boat co-star actress) just recently published her memoir. In her book, she talked about many topics in an unfilter way: being an Asian-American actress in Hollywood, sexual harrassment while on set, social media cancel culture, and her mental health/how she overcame suicidal thoughts and how taking a break from media had pulled her back up on her feet. -- Chloe (Outreach Coordinator)

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