What We're Loving This Month - October 2022

Asianati Staff

Oct 22, 2022


🔸 We are back with our "What We're Loving This Month" where our Asianati Team shares their favorite things, from restaurants/dishes, recipes, music, movies, tv shows, podcasts, books, local events, and more. Check out our team's list of October 2022 monthly favorites!🔸

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I ate sachima for the first time, with recommendations from my team. Verdict; INTERESTING! Its like a softer version of rice crispies and not too sweet, and very addictive. It's available at most Asian grocery stores, so highly recommend tring it! -- Koji (Co-Founder)


I am currently addicted to Béquet Celtic Sea Salt Caramels from Costco, and I have been telling everyone who will listen to me gush about how amazing they are allll about them. HIGHLY recommend if you like caramels. I think I'm currently on my third bag. -- Sam (Social Media Manager)


I've been reading a collection of Latino and Philipino coming-out stories in the book "Brown and Gay in LA: The Lives of Immigrant Sons" by Anthony Christian Ocampo. Right in the midst of National Hispanic Heritage Month and Philipino Heritage month, the highs and lows these men went through as both Gay and coming from conservative cultures is incredible. -- JP (Editor)


I recently saw a Bollywood movie called Vikram Vedha in theaters with my dad, and I was thoroughly entertained! It's a remake of a 2017 Tamil film of the same name, but it still manages to set itself apart and hold its own! Starring two of my favorite Bollywood actors, Saif Ali Khan and Hrithik Roshan, the film is about an egotistical cop who is hellbent on catching a dangerous gangster. The entire film is a highly engaging cat and mouse game, filled with great cinematography, thrilling action and violence, and most importantly, very tight and power-packed performances. Neither lead outshines the other, but this is in a perfectly good way -- the balance the film manages to hold is very impressive. If you're into over-the-top action movies or Bollywood movies in general, this is certainly a film to go and check out! -- Wajeeh (Digital Marketing Intern)


Discovered a Fillipino-American standup comedian named JR De Guzman. Born in the Philippines and raised in California, he is the Winner of 2016 Stand-up NBC & named as a prestigious "New Face" at Just for Laughs 2017, you can catch his quarter hour Netflix special on "The Comedy Lineup." You can also see him on Comedy Central's Kevin Hart Presents: Hart of the City. The special thing I love about him is sometimes he delivers his jokes through songs: cracking a histerical joke while maintain angelic and beautiful voice is such a talent -- Chloe (Outreach Coordinator)


Upcoming Vietnamese-American music artist Monet Ngo released his newest EP and I am obsessed! So cool to see Vietnamese artists growing in the music industry and I hope he can inspire more to come! -- Dom (Digital Marketing Intern)


I have been eating mochi ice cream non stop! Every night for the past week or so I have been treating myself to one. Which is strange because I am more of a salty snack gal rather than a sweets. However, I love them because they are the perfect portion size! My favorite flavors are probably mango and strawberry but every once in awhile I'll get green tea. I mostly stick with My Mochi and Mikawaya. Any suggestions for different brands or flavors to try? Also... can someone create a mochi ice cream shop? I woud go there all the time! -- Sarah (Operations Coordinator)


October has been really been a haze with traveling to London/Lisbon and the Asianati Night Market. I'm not sure if it's anyone else's tradition, but no matter where I travel, I always look two things, a good bowl of Pho and a place to get some xiao long bao (London/Lisbon both had great selections). This month I also picked up some skills and hobbies. We had an emergency to build the Asianati Night Market Neon sign and there was 100s of wires, an electric box, etc, so I quickly had to quickly learn to be an electrician (cough Youtube cough). Then also been OBSESSED with Chess and will comment on that adventure that in the future. -- Lam (PR)


I ate at Quan Hapa in OTR for the first time! I had never heard of hand rolls before, and I loved how it was a big piece of sushi that I could eat like an egg roll. I got the fried tofu hand roll with crispy battered tofu, lemon cilantro sauce, green onion, and fried shallots! -- Mei-Lin (PR Intern)

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