Bridges Nepali Cuisine OTR

Over-The-Rhine Nepalese

Bridges primary mission is to serve, a completely different Nepali Cuisine in a simple, approachable set- up at a fast-pace environment. Although Nepal is from the other side of the world with unique food, culture and lifestyle, we wish to Bridge the gap by touching everyone’s heart through the nutritious and pure delicacies we offer.

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133 East Court St, Cincinnati, OH, 45202

Recommended Dishes

Rice Bowl

Meat or Vegan & Rice Bowl Combo with choice of toppings & sides.


Bite-sized Nepalese dumplings, and come in either chicken or a vegan version made from cauliflower, mushrooms, green peas, cabbage, tofu, beans, and carrots. Dip them in the simmered tomato sauces made with roasted garlic and spices


Mildly spiced flaky crust stuffed with your choice of filling & sides. Served with a sweet & tangy sauce on the side.


Noodles stir-fried in cabbage and carrots with Nepali spices with a hint of garlic and ginger