Kiki College Hill

College Hill Japanese

Chefs Hideki and Yuko met at Tsuji Culinary Institute in Osaka, Japan. Chef Yuko treasures the art of Japanese cooking for its often gentle flavors and health benefits while Chef Hideki enjoyed bringing in his own twist of flavors inspired by his life growing up as an American. Together they made the perfect team at Kiki College Hill!

(513) 541-0381

5932 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati, OH, 45224

Recommended Dishes


Roasted and seasoned Japanese-style sweet potatoes.

Whole Tilapia

Japanese-style seasoned tilapia.

Kitune Soba

Buckwheat soba noodles topped with vegetables and deep-fried tofu pockets.

Mushroom Ramen

Classic ramen with assorted vegetables and mushrooms.