Asianati Eats with Bengals Wide Receiver Andrei Iosivas

JP Leong

Jun 26, 2024

Watch the latest episode of Asianati Eats HERE on YouTube.

Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver Andrei Iosivas sat down with Asianati's Samantha Burke for an amazing conversation about his favorite foods, growing-up hapa, and the smashing success of his early NFL career.

Grilled Shrimp in a Kamayan setting

Centering our time together was a Kamayan feast prepared by Chef Mapi De Vera of Nice-Nice Noodles & Rice and themed around Andrei's life. Delicious foods like grilled shrimp and Filipino spaghetti were the prompts for this wide-ranging interview.

Here are all the foods on Andrei's special kamayan setting:

  • Garlic fried rice with furikake
  • Deconstructed sinigang: sinigang ribs (Roasted ribs with sinigang flavor) served with sinigang veggies and a side of sinigang broth
  • Grilled chicken adobo
  • Hawaiian garlic shrimp
  • Lumpia shanghai
  • Pancit canton
  • Fruit - mangoes and dragonfruit
  • Halo-halo for dessert
  • Filipino spaghetti

Andrei Interview Youtube Thumbnail.png

Watch the latest episode of Asianati Eats HERE on YouTube.

Featuring Andrei Iosivas and Samantha Burke
Directed by JP Leong and Samantha Burke
Produced by Lam Dang
Production Assistants: Sarah Kramer and Vidita Kanniks
Special Thanks: Giacomo Ciminello, Jordan Hammons, and Bao Nguyen
Music Track: "gameboy memories" by Rocket Sloth