How to Pitch Stories to Asianati

Asianati Staff

Aug 31, 2021

Want to pitch an idea to Asianati? Asianati is accepting pitch ideas for stories, interviews, articles and social media content about Cincinnati’s Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community.

Who is Asianati?

Asianati celebrates the stories, history, culture, and people of Cincinnati’s AAPI community. Asianati seeks to be the go-to for all things AAPI in Greater Cincinnati, and we’re starting with food. We publish stories, news, and an ever-growing directory of AAPI restaurants, food trucks, markets, and more through our website and social media platforms.

What makes a good Asianati story?

Food tells a story, and every Asianati story should help connect readers to Asian or Pacific Island culture. Our stories are relatable and accessible. They’re straight forward but casual. Our stories are guided by three questions:

  • Are we centering the voices, stories, and perspectives of Cincy's AAPI community, businesses, and entrepreneurs?
  • Does this educate or celebrate AAPI cuisine and/or AAPI food culture?
  • What different perspective can we bring to this issue? Why does this story need to be told?

What are we looking for?

We are currently accepting pitches for long-form articles, photo essays, social media posts, IG stories and reels, TikToks, and videos. Content should be relevant to the Cincinnati AAPI dining scene or to the writer or subject’s personal connection to food; offer a unique perspective; and complement high-quality photography or compelling supporting content (e.g. illustrations or graphics).

Asianati’s areas of interests include business news, food history, cultural food traditions and celebrations, small businesses and entrepreneurs. Types of stories include:

  • General Interest: Compelling stories, guides, and fun facts about restaurants, dishes, and/or community members’’ perspectives on food.
  • Entrepreneur Interview: Q&A-style column focuses on a chef, restaurant owner, or shop owner. What about them is compelling? What’s their backstory? Why should the reader care about this person? Fun and easy way to highlight a business while getting to know the entrepreneur.
  • Bite-Sized Guide — Quick, educational series exploring an AAPI ingredient, product, or dish (e.g. fish paste, moon cakes, puto); Fun, curious, exploratory. Must be factual, but can have a personal connection. Answers the questions: What is it? How is it used or eaten, or why is it eaten? What does it taste like? Where can you get it in Cincinnati? 250 words. (see Bite-Sized Guide: Banana Ketchup
  • News and Current Events— Timely features about a current event, holiday, or news story e.g. openings, closings and events.
  • Long-Form Features — Compelling characters and strong storytelling grounded in AAPI culture. Any topic that stirs curiosity, inspiration or intrigue beyond a niche audience of experts or insiders. Include your ideas for additional content like photos, art, sidebars, and infographics.

How to Submit A Pitch

To give your idea the best chance of being considered, please include as many of the following details as possible.

  • Working Title
  • Subtitle (if applicable)
  • One-paragraph description
  • Any other relevant details (i.e., drafting timeline, estimated word count)
  • Ideas for supporting/primary content (photos, illustrations, sidebar, etc.)

Email up to three pitches to with “PITCH:” in the subject line. If we like your idea and want to move forward, an editor will be in touch within five days.

Stipends for Content and Illustration

Asianati is a volunteer-run organization, but all volunteer contributors will receive stipends for content and up to $20 for food costs. Pitches must be approved by Asianati (according to pitch guidelines). All posts and articles will be posted under Asianati (with appropriate tag / byline). articles:

  • Short Articles (250-750 words): $50
    Includes Business Spotlight Q&A, Round Up Lists, Bite-Sized Guide, News Pitches; requires some research, writing, minimal revisions
  • Long form (750-1000 words): $75
    Most time intensive; requires 3-4 hours research, writing, and revisions

Social Media

  • In-Feed Posts - Basic social media post with a couple of images and text: $10
  • Story Series: 8-10 stories of engaging photos, text, or video consumed in 15 second stories: ($10-$15):
  • Package - One In-Feed Post supported by 2-3 stories: $25
  • Reels/Short-form Video - 30 seconds or longer video content: up to $50