What We're Loving This Month - September 2022

Asianati Staff

Sep 26, 2022


🔸 We are back with our "What We're Loving This Month" where our Asianati Team shares their favorite things, from restaurants/dishes, recipes, music, movies, tv shows, podcasts, books, local events, and more. Check out our team's list of September 2022 monthly favorites!🔸

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I have been following John Wang for quite some time, but recently I have been listening to him more deliberately. One of the first things that I ever heard from him was this TikTok video on intergenerational trauma. Although I personally could not relate to that topic specifically, I found his other videos very powerful. John Wang is a life coach that inspires me and reminds me to take the time to reflect on my life each day. His quick "life lessons" are the same things I try to teach and practice. Highly recommend taking a listen to his videos. His energy, tone of voice, and approach to his lessons resonate with my day to day life, behaviors, and thoughts.
-- Sarah (Operations Coordinator)


For the first time ever, I went to watch an Anime in theatres, Dragon Ball Super. It was an awesome movie to see on the big screen and would suggest catching it in local theaters while it's still out! Also, in 2022, my partner and I have a goal to cook from 30 different countries (15 new). We just tackled Milk Bread and Chicken Kaarage (Japan), and we're now in love with freshly Baked Milk Bread.
-- Lam (Asianati PR)


We're into the Fall Season of television and two of my favorites are She-Hulk on Disney+ and Star Trek: Lower Decks on Paramount Plus. She-Hulk is helmed by the writer/director Jessica Chao while Lower Decks stars Eugene Cordero as one of its titular junior-officers: Samanthan Rutherford. I take no small pleasure in having two of my right-now favorites featuring serious Asian talent.
-- JP (Editor)


If you're a murder mystery/Sherlock fan, I highly recommend the HBO Max show "Miss S"! I started watching the show to work on my Mandarin proficiency and now I'm so obsessed! Its set in 1930s Shanghai with a female detective lead, and its based on the also amazing Australian show, "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries". Also, the fashion is SO beautiful, I now immediately want to add a new qipao/cheongsam to my closet!
-- Sam (Social Media Manager)

WWLTM Strip.jpg

I've been on a bit of a punk rock kick recently, and one of the bands at the forefront of this little phase has been Japanese feminist indie punk band Otoboke Beaver. I discovered them through listening to fellow feminist punk band Petrol Girls and ever since I've found them, I've been in absolute awe. From their aggressive and frequent changes of tempo, to their sarcastic gang vocals talking about female oppression, Otoboke Beaver is genuinely one of the most intense, intriguing, and catchy bands I've ever listened to. I'm a huge fan of their Itekoma Hits album and their latest album, Super Champon! If you're into punk rock at all, I seriously recommend checking them out. You won't regret it!
-- Wajeeh (Social Media/Digital Marketing Intern)


I used to be into manga comics and recently found that one of my favorite manga was out in Netflix. Its called Parasyte (寄生獣), and it's a horror manga (not suitable for children) where parasites from outer space take over humans. Sounds like a typical sci-fi horror story, but the creator includes today's difficult societal themes around environmental climate changes, discrimination, and ethical rights where it makes you think a lot. So I've been watching it and at the same time reading the original manga comics to get the full effect. The amazing part is that the creator thought about all this in the early 90's!
-- Koji (Co-Founder)


I'm a huge fan of Formula 1 Racing. Every week, F1 releases power rankings based on how well drivers have been performing. In the latest rankings, Thai Driver Alex Albon placed 2nd! Alex represents his country with pride and has a bright future as a young, talented driver in F1.
-- Dom (Social Media/Digital Marketing Intern)

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