Kampuchea Kitchen

Fort Thomas Cambodian

(859) 814-8012

1045 S Ft Thomas Ave, Fort Thomas, KY, 41075

Recommended Dishes

Kor Ko

Braised brisket in an aromatic broth, with stewed carrots, daikon, tomatoes, & potatoes. Finished with bean sprouts, cilantro, & fried garlic. Choice of wheat-rice noodles, rice noodles, or steamed rice & bread.

Samla Curry

A fragrant lemongrass coconut curry with carrots, potatoes, lotus root, and tofu. Finished with peanuts, bean sprouts, cucumbers, fresh herbs, & lime. Served with your choice of white rice, sticky-sweet rice, wheat-rice noodles, or bread.

Saraman Curry

A rich & complex braised beef curry served with your choice of white rice, sticky-sweet, wheat-rice noodles, or bread. Best enjoyed with steamed rice and hot fresh bread. *contains peanuts*

Bok Lahong

”Smashed papaya” salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, bird seed chilies, palm sugar, garlic, & fish sauce. Try it with sticky rice